The Beatles!The Beatles!The Beatles!The Beatles!
In Case You Didn't Know Already I LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE THE BEATLES! I could listen too their songs, them talking and their voices all day! I don't have a favorite Beatlles - I love all for of them for different reasons! Yes I fancy them, but I love their music aswell as them:D If I got a ticket too see them, I wouldn't give it up for all the money in the world, unless they performed just for me and nobody else and/or i got too marry them!^_^ There My True Loves/Only Music I Listen Too(Part From The Rolling Stones,The Kinks,Muse,etc)/Imaginary Husbands^_^. IF YOU FOLLOW ME, I'll follow you back via my 1st blog 'george-harrison-weasley':D. P.S. All I Need In My Life Is My Family, The Beatles, other 60s bands and Superheros:3. I'm DEFINITELY not a girly girl, or what ever most girls are like nowadays! I listen too Rock/Classic Rock (Mainly the Beatles!), I play video games and read comic books, I hate make up and shorts and all that, possibly the most trendy thing i've worn is t-shirt, jeans and trainers!

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